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An inclusive project

Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung

Since 2021…

… we are working in a close partnership with the Foundation Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung. We support their team in their daily communication needs. Our common goal is to raise awareness for the needs of the visually impaired or blind people.

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Colors of Blindness

Together we elaborate concepts for various actions, like the “Quinzaine du Don” which, since 2022, is named “Colors of Blindness”. During these days different workshops allow the public to dive into this world.

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For everyone!

Along with the “Quinzaine du Don”, the Foundation distributed the yearly calendar which, tradionnally, contributes in large amounts to the collection of donations.

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Inclusion is obviously an important topic for Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung. “Triobike” project is a nice example of this as these electric bikes allow people to enjoy a ride together with their visually impared or blind family members and/or friends.

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5 Institutions

Besides these various projects, our work consists in promoting the 5 different institutions within the Foundation and to raise awareness for their different services.

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Social Media

On social media we try to find the right tone of voice and we display the activities of the Foundation.

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Bieschbecher Blietchen

The different activities are regrouped in the activity report “Bieschbecher Blietchen” which also features an audio version to guarantee accessibility.

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Bonne Route!

Mobility is another important topic in the daily routines of the Foundation. A nice lettering accompanies the beneficiaries on their way to the various destinations they regularly visit.


Thank you!

We thank the general director  Thierry Lutgen, Jerry Klein, the responsables of the institutions and the whole team of the Foundation for this nice collaboration and their trust.

Ivano & Cliff