A better future

S.O.S. Kannerduerf

A mission

One of the missions of S.O.S. Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg is to educate children about their rights and prepare them for an independent and fulfilling life.

As part of World Children’s Rights Day, we have produced a series of videos to raise awareness of this issue.

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Express yourself

The child protection officers explain to us that, precisely because the children of the S.O.S. Kannerduerf often have a difficult past, it is all the more important to make them aware of their rights and to stand up for them.


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Children are the future

The director of the S.O.S. Kannerduerf, Valérie Oberlé, explains why it is important to support the children of today and turn them into the strong adults of tomorrow.

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What do the children say?

Of course, the children also had the chance to speak and explain their rights and responsibilities in their own words.

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A special time

However, children’s rights should not only be a topic on World Day, but throughout the year. At this special time, the children of the S.O.S. Kannerduerf wish us a happy new year 2023…eh…2024 with much joy and enthusiasm!

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We would like to thank the team at S.O.S. Kannerduerf for their trust and the insight into their valuable work. As to the children, we wish them a carefree and successful future!

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