About us

An eye for the detail

Peinture Bruno

A new start

Bruno approached us in the beginning of 2023 with his project to become an independent painter. His passion for his craft was obvious and we knew that he was much more than “just” a painter. This fact needed to be visible for the public.

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Eye for the detail

We wanted to convey Brunos “Eye for the detail” and his love for the perfect result. To do so, we opted for a simple, yet elegant approach.

Branding · Logodesign

A Signature

The logo playfully blends the letters “PB” of Peinture Bruno into one, strong & elegant, symbol. A profound blue colour supports his respect for his work.

Branding · Logodesign

Peintre Décorateur

An elegant pattern can be found throughout the visual identity and it illustrates Brunos various services that are not limited to paint. Wallpapers, floor coverings, ornaments and mostly a personalised advice are what make him a “Peintre Décorateur”.

Branding · Visual Identity

Form and Colour

The logo, the colours, the fonts and the pattern are the only components of this visual identity and are used in various combinations on the supports like business cards or the company car.

Branding · Visual Identity

Thank you!

We thank Bruno for his trust and we are happy to have accompanied him on his exciting way into a new adventure.

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