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Cliärrwer Kiermes

New life

At the beginning of 2023, we were contacted by the municipality of Clervaux to work in close collaboration to bring a new twist to the Clervaux fair.

We realized together: we must revive this neglected tradition which takes place at the same time as the “Schueberfouer” and other local events. It must once again become an integral part of Clervaux, in the same way as the castle above the market square, where the fair takes place for 5 days at the beginning of September.

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All together

After several meetings and a lot of brainstorming, we knew that we needed a fair with a strong local character…for the region and with the local people.

A whole bunch of phone calls were made and emails were sent across the country until we had all the partners together.

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A piece of "Cliärref"

The new visual identity of the fair reflects Clervaux’s values. Rural, close to nature, sustainable… with the castle as a symbol of the rich heritage this community has to offer. This mission statement was transferred to the individual program items and so we were able to advertise the fair on social media and in print.

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An exciting program

In addition to the usual games like duck fishing and the shooting range, we had a great program developed in collaboration with local partners which made the difference…

Fair tent & bar

For lunch and dinner, the “Yves Radelet” restaurant in Drauffelt served Luxembourg kitchen and attracted a lot of people.

Local associations served cocktails and were thus able to fill their club’s fonds!

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Barter days & Horse carriage

During the exchange days, the children were able to exchange their toys for tokens for the fairground games! This campaign was successful and a lot was raised for the good cause.

Thanks to the Ardennes horses from the “Robbesscheier” educational farm, visitors were able to discover Clervaux and its surroundings while enjoying a calmer moment during the fair.

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A place for everything…

The opening hours, the program, the actions and activities, the presentation of the partners… everything came together in one place: a new website.


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Thank you!

At ID · Communication, we are proud to have gathered many toys and also a check for 1.000 € for the association “Île aux Clowns” during the fair.

A big thank you to the municipality of Clervaux, to Nadine Nicks and her team as well as to all the partners who contributed to the success of the new “Cliärrwer Kiermes”.

Ivano & Cliff